Welcome to the 2014-15 School Year!

Welcome back for another GREAT year at Randolph Elementary School! Our PTA has many exciting plans underway for the year. Our goal is to be a RESOURCE for our families and staff by providing enrichment and support to our students. I am amazed by the things that get accomplished, the support we have at our school and the drive of our INCREDIBLE families and staff.

Your child will be bringing home a PTA Welcome Packet filled with helpful information to start the school year. The packet includes:

Also new this year, we have an online store where you can pay your PTA membership dues, make donations and purchase spirit wear.

We look forward to an AMAZING year at Randolph! If you have any questions or suggestions throughout the year, please feel free to contact myself or our other board members (our emails are listed on the back of the PTA calendar and are on the sidebar of our website homepage).

Take care,
Christina Griffith – PTA President

5th Grade Graduation News

Please click the link below for our fact sheet and permission form for the 5th grade graduation ceremony and pool party. It contains a great deal of important information, so please take a moment to review it.

The highlights:

  • When and where:  June 4th at 9:00 a.m. in the RES cafeteria.
  • The pool party follows at the Goochland Family YMCA from 10:30 to 2:30. Lunch is provided and volunteers are needed to help out.
  • A professional photographer will be at the ceremony. You can order prints using the attached form.
  • There is a suggested contribution of $5 per student to help offset the cost of the occasion.
  • The deadline for returning the permission form is Friday, May 23rd. 


Graduation ceremony and pool party form:  5th Grade Grad Form

Are you ready for Field Day fun?




The annual battle is on, Friday, April 25th:  Green vs. Gold for the RES Trophy!


The grade levels will go two classes at a time, rotating among four games inside, snack or lunch, then continuing to four games outside.


This will only require two volunteers per class, helping the class through either the inside game time or the outside games. We will also need two volunteers to serve as runners for two grade levels.


The GREAT thing about this plan is that you can sign up to volunteer for your child’s class so that you don’t miss any of the excitement!


Please sign up to help with Field Day using the link below:




Thanks again for all of your support! Please feel free to contact Leigh Paulin (leighpaulin@comcast.net)or Kerri Nagle (naglekerri@gmail.com) with any questions.


Caroline Juran, RES PTA


Year-round schooling? Curious? GCPS would like your opinion.

Good afternoon parents of GCPS elementary students.

GCPS invites you to participate in a brief survey designed to gather your opinions regarding the feasibility of a year-round school pilot in one of our elementary schools. Please follow this link to give us your feedback.

Thank you for participating. Your input is critical to our study.

Amie Potter
Year-Round School Feasibility Coordinator
Goochland County Public Schools

5th Grade Graduation Meeting

gradcapsIt’s hard to believe that graduation will be here before we know it!  The new date for the ceremony is Wednesday, June 4th.

The 5th grade teachers have met, and the bones of the plan are in place.  We’d like your help in putting it all together.  If you’re able to help organize and execute this event, you’re invited to attend a planning meeting on Tuesday, April 22nd at 3:15 at RES.  If you’d to help but cannot attend the meeting, please email Liza Dameron at dameron23@aol.com.

We would like to create a photographic journey of our children’s time at RES. The slide show will be shown prior to the start of the graduation ceremony.

We need your help to create this slideshow. We’re looking for pictures from kindergarten through 5th grade: candid shots of your child participating in RES activities, having fun with Roadrunner friends, or interacting with RES teachers and staff. (No yearbook photos, please.)

Please send digital photos in jpg format (no larger than 1MB per photo) to Kendall Hoffler at khoffler@comcast.net.  All photos must be submitted by Friday, May 16. Thank you for helping us create this unforgettable walk down memory lane!

Snow Day 17: One Mom’s Perspective

Leigh Ann Pruitt is an RES parent and chairperson of this year’s Reflections Contest. She graciously agreed to share her thoughts about the effects of this school year’s weird winter weather on everyday life at the Pruitt house.  Thanks, Leigh Ann!

Remember back to our first snow day? (Was it December? I’m not really sure anymore.) Today is Day 17, and I’m wondering if tomorrow might be Day 18. In my house, no one wants to go outside anymore. No sledding requests, no snowman requests…nothing.

Back on one of the early snow days, we did go outside to play – we really did! It took us about 15 minutes to get everyone zipped, buckled, boots on, mittens on. They would stay out for ten minutes, come back in, and leave something like this at the front door. Awesome.


I’ve come to realize that snow days can bring two extremes out in us.  First, there are the days when we are as much, if not more, excited than the kids. On these days, we are the first to throw snowballs, break out the sleds, begin the snowman, and get the hot chocolate ready. Then there are the days that we literally weep when the phone rings at 5:30 in the morning, knowing exactly what we will hear when we pick up:   “Hello. You have an important message from Goochland County Public Schools. To listen to this message, please press 1.”  Sound familiar?

Note to working parents: I commend you. I cannot imagine the childcare (re-) arrangements required by this school year. They add another layer of complication, and you each deserve a gold medal for having done it.

I love a snow day. (Notice I said “a snow day,” as in ONE snow day.) I love the surprise break it gives to the schedule, and the excuse to watch a movie, pop popcorn, bake cookies, and sleep a little later. But once snow days became our normal schedule, challenges began. We stayed up late, slept late, and had zero structure to our day. No hairbrush was touched for days (which led to one girl cutting the gigantic tangle out as a solution, which, in turn, led to an emergency hair cut).  And pajamas were just traded for different pajamas. Each day it seemed okay, because at the time, we had no idea just how many snow days we would have. Before I knew it, snow days that had once looked like this:


and this:


had morphed into days that looked like this:


So here we are: waiting to hear about tomorrow and waiting to hear how today’s snow day will impact the necessary school hours; wondering if my second grader has forgotten all the continents for her upcoming test, and why my preschooler forgot the name of her best friend at school. (True!)

But in the midst of this, we’ve become pretty good at navigating a snow day, right? In my house, my girls are brushing their hair every day now, no matter what. I’m sure you have adjusted your original snow day protocol, too.

But we can do it, Roadrunner parents and teachers! The end is in sight. If you’re like me, you look at the 10-day forecast regularly, checking for better weather.  And I have news: it’s coming! We’ll see each other at the pool and say, “It’s so hot today!”  I promise.

So tomorrow might be another snow day…at this point, we’re experts.

Snow Day 18, bring it.